Global Pay - payment service

Provides the opportunity to pay for services and transfer funds

The mobile app has the following functionality:
  • Checking the balance on bank cards
  • Transfer of funds from card to card p2p
  • Payment for services of more than 100 suppliers
  • Monitoring of cash flow

  • iOSAndroid
    Global Pay - payment service
    AutoTrack - car monitoring service

    The app helps to optimize car care, helps to solve all problems timely, notifying and showing solutions

    The mobile app has the following functionality:
  • Reminders of scheduled car inspections and insurance
  • Full service history is preserved
  • Checking for fines
  • Large directory of organizations for car
  • Tracking fuel expenses

  • iOSAndroid
    AutoTrack - car monitoring service
    MyGov - application of the government portal

    A joint project of our team and the Uzinfocom Center for the development of a mobile application for the Single Portal of Interactive State Services (SPISS) of Uzbekistan.

    The following functionalities were developed in the mobile application:
  • Ability for users to check the status of their applications for receiving government services;
  • Adding real estate and vehicles;
  • Checking Fines;
  • Ability to get information about the accrued salaries;
  • Information about the pension (benefits);

  • iOSAndroid
    MyGov - application of the government portal
    Uzairways - ticket purchase application

    Convenient, fast and safe application for buying plane tickets to all existing directions implemented for the National Airline of Uzbekistan

    The mobile application has the following functionality:
  • Route search
  • Purchase tickets via Payme, Click, Visa, Mastercard payment systems
  • Seat reservation on the plane

  • iOSAndroid
    Uzairways - ticket purchase application
    Paynet - payment platform

    Paynet, a mobile application for carrying out payment transactions is now also available for Uzcard cardholders

    The following functionality is implemented in the mobile application:
  • Payment to more than 100 service providers
  • Integration with Uzcard payment system
  • Transfers from card to card
  • Payment monitoring

  • iOSAndroid
    Paynet - payment platform
    Urban - shop-assistant application

    Мобильная разработка специально для сети магазинов Urban

    Mobile app with the following functionality:
  • Cashback and discount system
  • QR and barcode reader for product prices
  • Order history
  • News feed

  • iOSAndroid
    Urban -  shop-assistant application

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